Empowering physicians to protect life’s most valuable financial assets – their income – and life’s most important people – their families.

Stephanie Pearson, MD, FACOG, brings the experience of a physician into the disability and life insurance market. Injured in the prime of her career, the Board Certified OB/GYN took an unexpected journey to becoming an advocate and advisor for physician insurance. Scott Ravitz, a longtime broker and insurance expert to the medical community, was a natural advisor and behind-the-scenes colleague for Stephanie. Today, the two have officially partnered to offer unique industry insights and expertise with incredible care. Together, Stephanie and Scott advise and advocate for physicians about the importance of protecting life’s most valuable financial assets. The partnership of PearsonRavitz wields the duo’s powerful combined skill set — and has made them sought-after experts on the basics and nuances of disability and life insurance for doctors.

PHYSICIAN INSURANCE + How PearsonRavitz Can Help


doctors with disabilities
Healthcare providers know healthcare — and a lot about health insurance.
But what about disability
and life insurance?


best doctors insurance
Stephanie was a practicing OB/GYN injured in the prime of her career. Scott was a seasoned insurance broker
who showed up to help.


insurance for doctors
If you’re a healthcare provider without vetted disability and life insurance policies, risk management needs to begin yesterday. We’re happy to meet — no strings attached.

“Stephanie Pearson advocated for me and secured a great policy despite my original insurance policy that had baseless exclusions. How did Stephanie do it? Because she is a medical doctor and understood the context and meaning of my health history. She held my hand throughout the process and ensured that I got my paperwork on time. I am horrible with paperwork so having her guiding hand was so important. Super thanks to Stephanie and you would be a fool to not have her MD training by your side when applying for disability insurance.”

Victoria Kuohung, MD, JD
Victoria Kuohung, MD, JDDermatologist | Massachusetts

“I knew there were going to be some complicating factors in my case, but Scott managed to weave through the obstacles to ensure that not only I got coverage, but also my business partner and the company’s key executives. It’s clear that Scott lives in the fine print, which helps me trust that all the right pieces are in place.”

Adam Kestenbaum
Adam KestenbaumPresident | Ellis Coffee Company

“I have had a wonderful experience working with Stephanie. Beginning with my initial consultation she established herself to me as an intensely caring person with a passion for ensuring the security of her clients. Stephanie clearly has a wealth of knowledge and experience that she can draw upon to tailor her recommendations to the specific nuances of individuals and families. In doing so, she really establishes herself as an educator with sincere interests in giving her clients a comprehensive rationale for making the best short and long-term decisions. I truly consider Stephanie a friend and an invaluable advocate for my family’s financial security.”

Daniel C. Parker, MD
Daniel C. Parker, MDUrologist | Pennsylvania

“I wasn’t thrilled with the coverage that had been secured for me by a previous advisor– I had a feeling it could have been done better. I started asking around for recommendations and came across Scott. When he pointed out the gaps in my coverage, I felt validated. We were able to close those gaps so that I have one less thing to worry about and know that my policy is there if I need it.”

Elie Basch, DO
Elie Basch, DOAnesthesiologist | Pennsylvania

“Working with Stephanie made finding my policy seamless. She was an indispensable resource in navigating which options would best suit my needs. Thank you for all of your help!”

Kristina S., MD
Kristina S., MDAnesthesiologist | New York

“I had little experience with disability policies nor the time to spend doing in-depth research, but our conversations clarified things immensely. She is knowledgable about the details and answered all of my questions. She presented me with options, explained the policies point by point, considered my personal preferences and situation, and helped decide on a good plan moving forward. She was available for questions that came up, and her team helped streamline the application process. All was done at my convenience, around my busy schedule. I would recommend PearsonRavitz to anyone looking for help with disability coverage.”

Karen Robbins
Karen RobbinsAllergy and Immunology Physician | Washington, DC

“Stephanie is great, we would recommend her to anyone! We previously knew next to nothing about disability insurance, but Stephanie was very helpful and reassuring. She answered our messages (e-mail, phone, text) very quickly, and never seemed bothered by our incessant questions. We previously found insurance policies and associated jargon confusing, cumbersome, and frankly annoying. Stephanie broke it down for us, patiently explained verbiage and policy differences, and gave us peace of mind. She is also accommodating with meeting times and places. Finally, she is passionate about educating people about disability insurance, something that for us is hard to make interesting.”

Orit Gal, DO & Laura Hummel
Orit Gal, DO & Laura HummelEmergency Medicine | Pennsylvania

“I didn’t have disability insurance, so when I heard about Stephanie through a colleague, I reached out. She’s personable and really takes the time to answer your questions. She ensures you actually understand the differences in your options. I really appreciated working with someone who’s been there and knows what we’re going through.”

Dr. Usaima Siddiqi, DO
Dr. Usaima Siddiqi, DOEmergency Medicine Physician | Philadelphia, PA

“I started working with Stephanie upon recommendations from members of the Physician Mom’s Group. Soon thereafter, she helped me understand that my current disability policy did not, in fact, protect me in the event of disability. Working with Stephanie was a breath of fresh air. She never tried to “sell” me anything – she emphasized the importance of understanding the terms of my policy. We were able to purchase a unisex policy before they were no longer offered. We have navigated a cross country move and are currently poised to upgrade my policy to cover my attending salary. My only regret is that I didn’t find her sooner.”

Tahlia Weis, PhD, MD
Tahlia Weis, PhD, MDVascular Surgeon | Charleston, SC

“I had only ever dealt with insurance advisors face to face, so initially I was nervous about doing everything over the phone. But one of most positive aspects of Stephanie’s practice is that she is really available. I can email, text, call– even if she can’t talk that specific minute, she makes herself completely available. The other thing I appreciate is feeling like I don’t have to worry about understanding every detail. Our lives are so busy as physicians, it’s great to be able to trust an expert. Knowing that she herself is a physician who went through a hard time relating to disability insurance makes me feel like I can trust her to make decisions on my behalf.”

Dr. Amanda Eilers
Dr. Amanda EilersCardiothoracic Surgeon | Marshfield, WI

“For me, working with Scott and Stephanie has been huge. Initially I was wary of working with someone who wasn’t local, but Stephanie really listened to me and understood my needs. She got the technical side of things and understood my specific occupational concerns. Scott was then able to wrap his business and industry expertise around that. It was a personalized experience from start to finish. That’s important to me, because while I know I’m a good doctor, insurance just isn’t my wheelhouse.”

Dr. Kelly Brauer
Dr. Kelly BrauerBluegrass Family Allergy | Owensboro, KY

About Us

Stephanie Pearson, MD, FACOG, is a Board Certified OB/GYN and an advocate and advisor for physicians’ disability insurance. A resident of Wynnewood, PA, Stephanie grew up in Southern New Jersey, received her B.S. from Emory University and her MD from MCP/Hahnemann (now Drexel University College of Medicine). Before becoming injured, she practiced obstetrics and gynecology at a community hospital in suburban Philadelphia. She now consults with resident and attending physicians about the importance and nuances of disability and life insurance. She’s married with two sons. Read her story.

Scott Ravitz is an independent insurance broker who specializes in life and disability insurance for physicians. Scott grew up in Philadelphia, graduated from the University of Miami, and returned to his hometown to pursue his career. He’s experienced first-hand how the right insurance policies can protect individuals, families and businesses and has a passion for understanding the ever-changing insurance market. Scott met and advised Stephanie after she became injured. Like her, he views life insurance as a natural companion to disability insurance. He’s married with a son. Read his story.

“We know insurance isn’t as exciting as practicing medicine. But if you’re a physician, it’s an absolute necessity. Let us help you find a plan that’s made for you.”

– Stephanie Pearson, MD & Scott Ravitz

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